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Some projects I startet, discarded or put on hold:


Loads Guild/Player information from DAoC-Servers. In many different tables you were able compare and view Guilds, Players, Crafter or Alliances.

The idea behind was to get a local data copy to do additional statistic analyses.

The download of all data was to slow to use this program effectiv. On the otherhand more and more Online-Databases were developt these days. So I decided to bury it.




A viewer for DAoC 3D-Models.

Lightning, animations and particles weren't implemented. But it was able to show (nearly) every Object and figure. Also all different zones were view able.

Niflib is a more advanded version of it. Mainly developt as a helper tool for a different project. It reads some more table from daoc to view only realy used stuff in better combinations.

With release of Catacombs the internal fileformat was changed. These changes complicates the analyse of the format. Since spare time runs short I decided to put it on hold.