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DOWNLOAD v1.101_EU (222kb)

DOWNLOAD v1.101_US (223kb)

What's that?
It'll fills your Quickbar depending on a Mora-Equipment-File (Mora's Ausrüstungsplaner).
Usally you waste much time by printing a sc-set or switching back and for to fill up you
quickbar - this small tool will help you out.

How does it work?
Create a template in Mora's. Safe it and Load it in SetupCraftBar (or just drag&drop).
Select the Character-Ini file -the file in you camelot-directory where all character-stuff is saved-
and click 'GO'.
After that you can Login and you see you filled quickbar.

Something to note?
Quickbars can only be changed when a character is NOT logged in.
Tthe .ini-files are readed on Log-in and written on Log-Off (but char-selection screen
is good enough)


- update for Patch 1.101

- update for Patch 1.100 (by kieferhub)

- update for Patch 1.88 (vista kompatible)
- added an installer

- update for Patch 1.87

- update for Patch 1.86
- easier toon selection

V1-Beta 4
- Quickbar 1 macro's were messed up

V1-Beta 2
- quickbar 1 wasn't filled

- first release