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DAoC-Book of Crafts

(screenshot from german client)

DOWNLOAD v1.101.1 (141 kb)

What's that?
Shows a list of all craftable Items.
This is the list of the Client and is not Hardcoded.

Do I need it?
No, not realy. ;)
Developer of Craft-Lists and/or tools may use the list - do you recogniced the 'export-button?-
to create or update their lists
For a normal DAoC-Player there isn't much use for it.

By looking for an easy way for 'SetupCraftbar' a stumbled over this list. It totally stored inside
the client data (except of the basic materials "iron","steel"...). After my first analyse it seems
that there was no use for 'SetupCraftbar' but I still thought some people have use for it.

In detail: the list is in " data/ifd.mpk".
(it's okay to give it just a copy of that file - in case you're afraid to use)


- added export function for SetupCraftBar

- (patch 1.83)
- file-format was changed

- (patch 1.83)
- first (test) release