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The typical start means (not update list):
- Update-test
- Splash-Screen
- Login (enter passwort und Character selection)
- Eula (incl. confirmation)
- Roc (incl. confirmation)

This programm waits for these windows and simulates pressing of buttons or keys.
It terminated when the loading-screen appears 'cause everything is done (or something unexpected happens).

To be easy to operate it reads account and chars (like the normal login-screen) and can store the password.

Additional you can assign chars to accounts and can filter chars by server to make it even easer.

All in 'user.dat' (login-screen) saved accounts and characters are readed and added to the DAoC-Starter
database at startup.
DAoC only supports 10 characters per client. The Starter can manage more but you must allow him to
change the user.dat, which is enabled by default.

To filter character by accounts and vice-versa you need to link them.